Aging Life Care Management

What is Aging Life Care Management?

At LifeLinks, we help families in Nashville and Raleigh create customized care plans for the unique geriatric care of their loved ones who are aging or facing ongoing health issues.

And since we don’t require any long-term contracts, families can modify their plan as needs change. We help reduce worry and stress, ultimately creating a better life for their whole family, including their aging loved one.

What A Care Manager Can Do For You

Health and Disability

From physical problems, to mental health, or dementia-related issues, LifeLink’s Aging Life Care Specialists interact with the health care system effectively on your behalf. Our staff can attend doctor appointments and facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family. We are your conduit to connect with services that are right for you and your loved one.


Whether it’s reviewing and overseeing bill-paying, consulting with a client’s accountant, or arranging for Power of Attorney, we can be with you every time you sign your name. We can also help you understand any federal, state, or local programs for which your loved one may qualify.


The types of housing available these days can be overwhelming and time consuming to research. We will help you evaluate and select the appropriate residential option.


Long-term care planning is challenging. Especially when it’s done long distance. LifeLinks can help families adjust, cope, and problem-solve.

Local Resources

We are knowledgeable in what is offered and how best to access service. Consider the red tape officially cut.


The Aging Life Care Specialists at LifeLinks are strong, effective advocates for our clients and their families to health care providers and other vendors. We’re more than your voice. We’re your voice of reason.


We are equipped to refer you to legal experts such as elder law attorneys or estate planners. Should you ever need it, we can also provide expert opinion in court for determining the level of care your loved one needs.

Crisis Intervention

In times of crisis, LifeLinks can be your lifeline. We will help navigate ER visits, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation to ensure adequate care is delivered. This becomes especially valuable for families living at a distance.