How do I get my parents to agree to working with LifeLinks?

The first step is understanding what a difficult – and even frightening – time this is in your loved one’s life. There are few scarier things than feeling like you’re losing control or that your independence is being taken away.

When you talk to your parent or partner about the services LifeLinks will be providing, be sure to be honest about why it’s time for us to get involved. Assure them that your goal – and our goal – is to preserve their dignity and independence for as long as possible. Also, since many seniors are afraid their children will leave them or neglect them in their later years, reinforce that you love them and that it’s this care and concern leading you to secure LifeLinks’ services.

Lastly, tell your loved one that LifeLinks is going to enable you to return to your proper role as spouse, partner, child, or friend – not the compliance officer, nurse, or shuttle driver.

These are general guidelines, but if you have a unique situation or concern, we encourage you to contact us to get the help you need.