Care Manager Credentials Should Matter to You


Until Big Data finds an algorithm to match all the complicated variables inherent in an individual person with prescribed outcomes, an Advanced Aging Life Care Professional™ is the closest thing you can get to a personalized “right” answer.  To earn this registered trademark title, individuals must have a Master’s degree in a health related field plus two years working as a care manager supervised by an expert in the field, or more experience with a different degree, and pass a rigorous four hour exam. Read this to find out why this should matter to you.


When you’re in your twenties, working one job with little savings, investments and deductions, using an online program to do your taxes makes sense.  But at some point you begin to have assets and investments, you’re thinking about retirement and planning for your children, maybe you own your own business or have rental property.  Now, it is wise to hire a CPA who keeps up with the ever-changing tax laws, knows where to save you money and stay within the law.

Or what about do-it-yourself projects around the house?  With the help of online videos, I can fix a running toilet, change out doorknobs, and repaint a bedroom on my own.  But when I need to knock out a wall, move the location of a sink or cleanup after the dishwasher leaked all over the house, I need a professional to pull permits, coordinate subcontractors and save me from making costly mistakes.

The same is true when caring for an aging loved one.  Sometimes it’s simple.  But if you are reading this, you’ve probably already thought, “Why is this so complicated?” or, “I don’t even know where to start.” or, “I am so overwhelmed keeping up with it all!”  These are signs you’ve moved beyond the do-it-yourself stage and would benefit from professional guidance and support.

In all the time it takes to become an Advanced Professional Aging Life Care™ Manager, the person who already had a heart and passion for caring for older and special needs adults sees hundreds of situations, solutions and outcomes.  He or she has seen many families try and succeed and many families try and fail at getting the “best” for their loved one.  The Aging Life Care Professionals™ heart, mind and intuition have become a super computer for calculating the different variables of your loved one’s complete situation to come up with the best solutions to try.

At LifeLinks, you don’t get access to just one such caring, super computer, you get access to our diverse team of specialists.  We have 7 Advanced Professionals, 1 Professional and 1 Associate.  One is a physical therapist, 3 are nurses, two are healthcare administrators, and 2 are social workers.  We’ve seen lots and lots of situations, solutions and outcomes and are eager to share that experience with you and your family.

This blog post is an introduction to a series titled: WHY CAN”T CAREGIVING BE SIMPLE? To continue reading the series, click here.



Gretchen Napier joined the LifeLinks team to fulfill her passion for caring for aging adults, and affecting change for the geriatric care service industry. At a very young age, Gretchen volunteered by painting fingernails for the residents in a nursing home, where she witnessed firsthand the shortcomings and “one-size-fits-all” mentality of many organizations and individuals serving seniors. With many years of experience as an assisted living administrator and a publisher of a resource guide for seniors, Gretchen saw how easy it was for aging adults to fall through the cracks of the healthcare system.  Additionally, she saw how long-distance and broken family relationships make caring for an aging loved one an overwhelming task.  This inspired Gretchen to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families across America by growing LifeLinks. In addition to the community leadership roles listed below, Gretchen is raising a 13 year old son and carrying out her vision for LifeLinks every day.