12 Holiday Gifts for Aging Loved Ones

The holidays are here and the hunt for that perfect gift for everyone on your list is exciting and also exhausting at times. We thought we could help a little by asking our trusted friends at S&S Worldwide to guide us in choosing our Top 12 favorite gifts that are ideal for aging loved ones. We hope you are able to make meaningful and happy memories this season! Happy Holidays!



1. Joy for All Plush Cat or Dog

The perfect companion for mom or dad. These “pets” bark, purr, move and are as real to the real thing as you can get. If you know someone who is missing the love of their furry friend, this may be the gift for them.


2. Brainpaths

Registered with the FDA as a medical device, this Brainpaths tracing maze is an incredible breakthrough: a neurological medical device that stimulates the brain. 


3. EZ Read Playing Cards

Many of our clients enjoy playing cards, but sometimes have trouble reading them or clearly seeing the numbers. These EZ Read cards enlarge the numbers and suits, making the game much more enjoyable.


4. Thera Jigstick Puzzles

A great gift for grand parents to enjoy with their grandchildren, the chunky foam pieces are easy to handle, but still create the fun activity of putting together a puzzle.


5. Match Up Games

Match up the movie lines, or match up the famous jingle.  These games are such a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy, and can be a wonderful trip down memory lane.


6. Elevated Wall Hugger Planter

Gardening is both enjoyable and therapeutic for many people. If you have a loved one that has limited mobility, but would still love tending to a small garden, this is such a great solution.


7. Wool Felt Sewing Craft Kit

This craft is easy and fun to do, and it comes with everything your loved one will need to create a few different projects.  Simply use the wool and long needle to create pokes throughout and design different square images. Perfect for a sewer, crocheter or knitter.


8. Sensory Activity Pad

The activity pad, we recommend for individuals in the advanced or severe stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. It provides a variety of fun activities and tactile sensations to keep those with dementia active and busy.



9. Portable Putting Green

A great gifts for the golf lover. This portable putting green can be set up anywhere and easily stored away.


10. Timeless Trivia

Timeless Trivia is a video series designed to test knowledge, stretch the memory and have some fun!

11. Chair Exerciser

It’s important for aging adults to continue to get low impact exercise if their health permits. Resistance training allows to keep muscles strong without straining them. 

12. Big Mouth Fish Target Toss

Sometimes men are the hardest to buy for, especially as they become older. This toss game is perfect fun to get the whole family involved.