Understanding Levels of Care: Private Home

There are a handful of options for families of aging loved ones to evaluate. The first step is understanding the difference between each of them and the factors that should be considered based on individual needs. LifeLinks Care Managers can help families work through these questions, creating a care plan based on all of the options available.



Most seniors express the desire to live at home. However this decision should be determined by the following factors:

·        Person shows the ability to make a decision of where to live and understands the                     
·        Manipulates information rationally
·        Has unimpaired insight
·        Demonstrates problem solving abilities
·        Able to make a goal directed plan and carry it out
·        Ability to independently manage activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing,        
         medication management, toileting, meal preparation, etc.
Support services, such as medical home health care and hospice are covered by Medicare and provided for temporary situation.  Non-medical, in home care and the care that LifeLinks provides can be implemented to assist the person in any of these areas where deficits are present. These services are paid for privately unless covered specifically by a Long Term Care Insurance policy.  The cost of non-medical, in-home care for 10 hours or more every day is approximately the same cost as assisted living.