Holistic Care

Because Care Managers can offer so many services to their clients, differentiating from others can be difficult.  Below is some information to help you decide if contacting a Care Manager is right for you.

Care Manager with a long-time Nashville LifeLinks' client

Sitter Service:

Sitter services are while great for maintaining status-quo and watching for big things, like falls. They can be placed in your parent’s home 24/7 or for only a few hours a week.  Care Managers even recommend working with a sitter service in certain situations.  The difference comes into play in several areas:

1.        Care Managers look at the big picture.  Care Managers focus on crafting a strategy for your loved one’s health.

2.        We offer medication management.  Only registered nurses can legally fill pill boxes and most sitter services do not have RNs on staff.

3.        Care Managers are the eyes and ears for your family.  They have clinical and social work backgrounds, so taking your parent to a doctors’ appointment includes communicating results with your family and planning for what is next.

While sitter services are excellent for lending a watchful eye, more complex situations call for experienced, trained professionals in Care Management.

Assisted Living Center:

While some assisted living facilities do offer similar services, the level of scrupulous planning and coordinated care provided by LifeLinks is unparalleled. In fact, we frequently partner with facility staff and administration because they don’t manage care outside of their building, and often our clients want or require outside-the-box solutions. Working with LifeLinks, while living in a senior assisted living community, provides continuity of care across the healthcare continuum and ensures quality Aging Life Care™ service delivered in a customized and consistent manner.

Other Care Management Companies:

LifeLinks focuses on a best-in-class mindset.  We employ not just Care Managers, but also nurses and physical therapists so we can cover more specialized clients.  Having been in business for over 12 years, we have seen every situation imaginable and been able to help families through this difficult process. Read our clients story to see why us, first-hand.

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