LifeLinks Special Needs Family Advocacy


WHAT IS Family advocacy?

When things in life get complicated, you seek the help of experts and those that can help. When the needs of your loved one are complicated, you can rely on a Professional Care Manager. LifeLinks’ Care Managers provide you and your loved one with solutions to problems faced along life's journey. 

Our Areas of Family Advocacy include educational advocacy, family consulting and provider coordination. Each one of these areas is part of our care plan with your family that allows for flexibility and personalized solutions for your child so that they can succeed. Below you will find information on how our process works and when you should seek help from a Professional Care Manager at LifeLinks.

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These services provide solutions specifically for your child in any situation where his or her educational needs are not being met. Whether it is an infant who is not reaching expected developmental milestones, a child struggling in school, or a college student trying to get needed accommodations while away at school, we can support your family to succeed in these areas.


We understand that having a child with special needs affects everyone in your family. An array of specialists may be helping your child at school or with medical issues, but who helps you with the multitude of other issues families with with special needs children face?


Frequently, families caring for a child with special needs have to deal with an unusual number of providers for their child. It can seem as though none of these providers are talking to each other and often, their reports can seem to be written in a foreign language. We can help.


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  • If your child is having a different experience than his or her peers and it is creating challenges, we can help! We have experience creating better lives for families dealing with learning, medical, behavior, and disability issues.
  • If you sense something is different about your child and don't know where to seek help. Families often feel there is an issue even before they receive a clinical diagnosis. Others have received a diagnosis that does not seem to fit the child's experience. We can help you know when and where to seek answers.
  • When the special needs of one child are causing ripple effects in the rest of the family. We recognize everyone in the family has needs that deserve attention. We help you identify them and create a plan for improving the primary issue and the ripple effects.
  • If you have doubts about your current course of care. We have passion, education and experience to walk with you on this journey. We can’t take away the reality, but we can smooth the path and ensure you feel like you are making the best decisions possible, coming out on the other side better than you would have otherwise.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to keep your family on track when a loved one has special needs.. A special needs child requires more attention by definition, but you still only have 24 hours in your day, so we help you get the answers you need and solutions in place more efficiently because we’ve done it before.


1. Initial Assessment

Our care managers work with you to understand the entirety of your situation. They begin with an in-depth assessment to evaluate current systems. We celebrate what is working and identify what is not or areas of improvement.

2. Care Plan

Based on needs identified during the assessment, our care managers recommend possible solutions and work with you to create a care plan moving forward.

3. Care Plan Implementation

This is the core of what we do. We make sure that every aspect of your Care Plan is being executed as it should be. Once we have reviewed the Care Plan with you and your family, we will then work with you to implement all of the parts of the plan. We make sure that every aspect of your Care Plan is being executed as it should be.