Virtual care management gives you the opportunity to connect with our licensed care managers over the internet, in a face to face conversation. This allows us to take a super personalized approach to addressing all of your aging loved one's problems, or concerns that you have regarding their health. With over ten years of experience, our registered nurses, physical therapists, and social workers have practical knowledge of how to navigate a plethora of aging issues. The going rate for virtual care management consultancy is $75 per hour. Whether that means you want to dive right in and schedule weekly meetings, or simply have a 30 minute conversation to orient yourself, we're here to help.

We've been operating in Nashville since 2002. The core of our business is a hi-touch, traditional care management approach, where we advocate for aging loved ones. Whether this means attending every doctor's appointment, reporting important information to all family members, managing medication, or handling our client's calendar, our care management services know very few boundaries. If it's ethical, and we can't find anyone to provide the service to your family for a cheaper cost to you, we'll do it! The going rate for hi-touch, traditional care management services is $105 per hour. With plans to expand into two new cities in the Southeast within the next year, we're prepared to scale our reach quickly to help more families than ever before. We're paid on retainer, and you would be surprised by how $155 dollars (1.5 hours) a month can improve your aging loved one's quality of life. We work with families to find the Care Plan that works best for them.