How do I get my parents to agree to working with LifeLinks?

We understand it can be difficult and frightening for a person to admit that they are losing control of a situation. It can be a scary and upsetting time for everyone involved. The best way to introduce our services to your parents is to be honest about your goals and explain how LifeLinks is not only committed to preserving their rights and dignity, but that we are also dedicated to helping them remain in the most independent environment for as long as possible. Many seniors are afraid their children will neglect them once care is provided, so addressing that fear up front can be helpful.

With the support of LifeLinks, families can return to being families, instead of compliance officers and shuttle drivers. Parents can once again enjoy family time without worrying about hiding problems or being suspicious of loved ones’ intentions. If you have a unique situation or concern that you would like to discuss, we encourage you to contact us to get the answers you need to guide you through any number of tough decisions involved in this process.

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